Glissando 35 / 2018 Radio PL

This issue is our story about the radio: a polyphonic, rhizomatic scenario of a potential autothematic audioplay.

Our narration connects three era of the radio: the times of radiotelegraphic experuments with transmission, the expanssion of radiophony on the wavs freed for the public after 1918, and Internet present and future. We hop from I World War, interwar developments and discussions, post 1945 experiments and fight with television, finally – current practices between archivisation and search for new web contexts of future radiophonies.

Six parts of our issue form a haxagram (like in R. Buckminster Fuller’s radio-architecture projects from the 1920s):

The first one is a two-part introduction, next four are the main chapters of our story (Anatomy, Tourism, Hagiographies, Radio Warfare), the sixth is an album gathering the reworks of compositions from the Polish Radio Experimental Studio.

The issue itself is a kind of radio receiver, as it enables readers to listen to almost 150 station from around the world through the use of qr codes.

This is not the end our our scenario and transmission: we think about this project as of growing, interlinked structure of hexagrams, that will continue its growth through the publications and actions outside the paper.