Glissando 41/2021 X - Tradycja PL

In #41 we look at tradition. Tradition – but not peasantish, nostalgic turns, yet folklore unveiled and dissected. How it was, how it is, how it will be.

We begin by outlining the boundaries, both the physical areas and the theoretical map of the issue. Instead of an introduction, somewhat like a field research scheme, there is a survey. In the MAP AND TERRITORY (MAPA I TERYTORIUM) section, the authors use the following keywords: notation (semi-literacy, Michał Libera), voice and community (Ewa Grochowska), past/future (Karolina Kolinek Siechowicz), tonality (Timothy Dean Taylor, translated by Maria Agnieszka Kozan), globalization (Marzanna Popławska, Joanna Kwapień).

The second part, SYMPHONY FROM THE WORLD NR (SYMFONIA ZE ŚWIATA NR), is a geographical extension. Not only Polish, patriotic, folk tradition. Wandering around the world (Maciej Filipczuk and Kacper Miklaszewski in conversation with Katarzyna Ryzel), jazz meanderings (Filip Lech, Tomasz Gregorczyk and Janusz Jabłoński), rhythmic explorations (He Zhao, translated by Natalia Glinka-Hebel, Michał Mendyk). 

WHO ARE YOU? (KTO TY JESTEŚ?) is a study of identity. Can we isolate and describe it, and if so, how? We consider what genres are commonly included in tradition and whether rightly so, who deals with it, and what is the (even if fluid) time frame of this concept. What is the famous folklore, rurality, Polish tradition? With this question we sum up the issue in the debate Rural Person Wanted. (Karolina Felberg, Zuzanna Solakiewicz, Ilona Witkowska, Andrzej Bieńkowski, Kacper Pobłocki, Janusz Prusinowski, Rafał Wojasiński). Not tradition, but X-tradition.


Managing editor: Michał Mendyk

Cover design: Aleksandra Przegendza