Glissando 40 / 2021 Kinshasa – Nairobi – Maputo PL

Kinshasa – Nairobi – Maputo: movement instead of mapping

“Glissando” #40 is about the sounds – their aesthetics, ontology, politics, social role and causality – of the heterogeneous territory between Kinshasa, Nairobi and Maputo. This shape points not so much to some geopolitical or cultural entity, but rather refers to connections and movement within it. We see the territory as open (e.g. to newcomers or diasporas) and changing, and the designation of the three metropolises as the vertices of the triangle signals our interest in both historical, imagined, and futuristic Africa. This geometry is meant to correspond with listening to sound in family networks, ecological networks, territorial networks, national networks, neighborhood networks, or, seen from a different angle, in the structures of the international music market. In short, we are interested in listening in multilateral relations.