• Glissando 43/2023 Diversity. Curating English

    Glissando #43 – Diversity. Curating The newest issue of Glissando magazine is giving the voice to people from all around […]

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  • Glissando 30 / 2017 New Music in Eastern Europe EN/PL

    The jubilee issue of Glissando edited by Jan Topolski is another of our journeys into the territories of new music in Central and Eastern Europe. Its four blocks are made up of nearly 30 articles, most of them in English.

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  • Glissando 19 / 2011 Junge Komponisten aus Polen auf Deutsch DE

    Junge polnische KomponistInnen auf Deutsch

    6 Essays über die Traditionen – von der Oper und Sonorismus bis hin zur Postmoderne und spektraler Musik
    13 KomponistInnen in Interviews und Texten
    12 InterpretInnen im Fokus
    27 Festivals auf einer Faltkarte
    25 Musikstücke auf einer USB-Karte

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  • Glissando 23 / 2014 Cassette tape EN/PL

    The mobile cassette recorders was often used as a part of non-institutional practics in everyday life as the tactics of resistance to regimes of power and symbolic violence (as a cultural memory, tactical medium or dissident activity). In Poland and Eastern Europe during the communist era a cassette tape was a part of „second circulation”, mixing an art, the political speeches, the political satires and underground music in one circulation out of the censorship.

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  • Glissando 24 / 2014 Avant Avant Garde EN

    Glissando #24 is a resume of a curatorial and editorial research for experimental music before the 20th century – Avant Avant Garde project. With figures such as La Monte Young, Karlheinz Stockhausen, Burkhard Beins or Lugi Russolo in the back of your heads, get into Celts and Hussars, Václav Prokop Diviš and Ernst Chladni, Leonardo da Vinci and Athanasius Kircher – and many, many more.

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  • Glissando 25 / 2014 Manifesto PL/EN

    Manifesto, the emblematic form of statements of modern culture, is connected with sound and music in number of ways. The new, 160-pages long issue of Glissando contains a collection of texts investigating those relations from various perspectives. Devoted primarily to the history of the connections between manifestos and the audial in Central and Eastern Europe, the issue has been divided into four sections, tied together by the introductory essay by Antoni Michnik.

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  • Glissando 26 / 2015 The soundscape PL/EN

    The soundscape, the acoustic environment, the world as a vibrant composition, every sound as a component of the infinitely complex and intricate wholeness. Glissando #26 explores how we listen, perceive, assign different meanings, imitate, play with, and shape our sonic habitat.

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