Glissando 24 / 2014 Avant Avant Garde EN

Glissando #24 is a resume of a curatorial and editorial research for experimental music before the 20th century – part of Avant Avant Garde project organized by Foundation 4.99 and ZAM e.V. The publication brings together dozens of anecdotes, scores, sketches and other takes on experimental practices with sound and music foreshadowing the avant gardes and sound art of the last 100 years. With figures such as La Monte Young, Karlheinz Stockhausen, Burkhard Beins or Lugi Russolo in the back of your heads, get into Celts and Hussars, Václav Prokop Diviš and Ernst Chladni, Leonardo da Vinci and Athanasius Kircher – and many, many more.