Glissando 43/2023 Diversity. Curating English

The #43 issue of Glissando magazine is giving the voice to people from all around the globe to share their experience on curating and diversity. Bringing up various perspectives, they show the ways in which curatorial practice can contribute to a more equal and fairer redistribution of resources, knowledge(s), and experiences and how it can help to sensitize for social, cultural, and environmental issues and expand our sense of empathy and justice towards marginal, unusual, or unorthodox practices and bring unexpected collaborations to the fore.

In Glissando #43, the managing editor Monika Żyła created a space for reflection concerning some of the recent curatorial practices in music and sound. It became a platform for sharing, negotiating, and promoting new curatorial voices, perspectives, ideas, and solutions.

The issue is divided into four larger thematic clusters: Proximities, Tensions, Encounters and Care, consisting of the variety of articles that respond to and interact with one another.

All the articles gathered in the first part Proximities consider curating from a situated perspective, and in relationship to space. In Tensions, the articles expose, trace and analyze larger forces and mechanisms that contribute to systemic erasures, enable active

forgetting and even order the destruction of cultural knowledge and identities. Encounters gathers invaluable perspectives from various intercultural interactions and collaborations. The last part, Care, offers a consequent closure, harking back to the etymology of curating understood as care.

We invite all our readers to embark with us on this journey through diversity and curating, which will hopefully inspire new insights and perspectives.

The issue has been created in cooperation with Sounds Now network.


Managing editor: Monika Żyła

Graphic design / cover design: Paula Kuch-Krawiec

Photos: Monika Żyła, Andoz Krishnadas