Issue 29 / 2016

Twenty-one commentaries for “places and pages”

Ryoko Akama

places and pages (2015-16)
fifty texts to be performed at random places

performance by Cristián Alvear, Cyril Bondi, Christian Müller, D’incise, Stefan Thut and Ryoko Akama
composition by Ryoko Akama
actualised in Switzerland, June, 2016

ryoko akama - places and pages (the first page of places and pages)

The composition, places and pages , was initiated by Cristián Alvear and myself in Chile. We wanted to develop a score that would concern location, situation, time and environment in terms of performance, and that somehow would erase a boundary between ‘performance’ and ‘installation’. The entire composition consists of fifty type-written pages and the rest as blank pages. I used a notebook found on my book shelf and inscribed abstract yet concise instructions onto fifty pages with my favourite typewriter over the four months’ period. Spending time with a score, either completing your own or contemplating on someone else’s, is similar to an act of listening. This creative space is a full of concepts and intentions, but at the same time, is very real and concrete. There aren’t any preset responses defined by the instructions, but rather the instructions are to be considered as an event mark (?) that suggest a responsive action. In this instance, we focused on musical reactions, however, actualisations of this particular composition can take on many other formats or methods. Rather than engaging in verbal discussions, we performed in an insistent and continuous flow, as if actualising the fifty instructions were the only way for us to communicate and exchange ideas.

Ryoko Akama – 21 commentaries for places and pages [full pdf download]