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X - Tradycja

In #41 we look at tradition. Tradition - but not peasantish, nostalgic turns, yet folklore unveiled and dissected. How it was, how it is, how it will be.

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Ewa Justka

1. Do you remember the moment when you became interested in technology/gear that you work with now? How did you follow […]

CALL FOR PAPERS: Glissando #29 Conceptualism

„Glissando” magazine invites authors to submit abstracts (up to 2000 characters) and if accepted – essays (up to 40,000 characters) for the upcoming #28 Glissando issue regarding broadly defined conceptual music.

Glissando #26 – Soundscape

The soundscape, the acoustic environment, the world as a vibrant composition, every sound as a component of the infinitely complex and intricate […]