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35 / 2018


This is our story about the radio: a polyphonic, rhizomatic scenario of a potential autothematic audioplay. The issue itself is a kind of radio receiver, as it enables readers to listen to almost 150 station from around the world through the use of qr codes. This is not the end our our scenario and transmission: we think about this project as of growing, interlinked structure of hexagrams, that will continue its growth through the publications and actions outside the paper.

Oramics: heroines of sound

Together with ”Glissando” magazine we present a series of interviews with Polish women working with sound – artists who deal not only with music or sound art but also educational engineering and technology, collaborating with the biggest Polish festivals. The series is our way of coming up with an alternative to the deluge of "year summaries" and carving out a space for women and their voices in the discussion about the music scene and sound in general.

glissando recent stories

Ewa Justka

1. Do you remember the moment when you became interested in technology/gear that you work with now? How did you follow […]

CALL FOR PAPERS: Glissando #29 Conceptualism

„Glissando” magazine invites authors to submit abstracts (up to 2000 characters) and if accepted – essays (up to 40,000 characters) for the upcoming #28 Glissando issue regarding broadly defined conceptual music.

Glissando #26 – Soundscape

The soundscape, the acoustic environment, the world as a vibrant composition, every sound as a component of the infinitely complex and intricate […]