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39 / 2020


We often use phrases like “to give a voice” or “to listen closely” when we talk about participation. The language of participation is musical, and music is participatory – whether we think of traditional music, which is passed down from one participant of a given culture to another, or artistic sheet music, which is a constant mediation between the creator and the performer. When digital technology opens up new forms of participation and the ongoing pandemic makes us long for active participation in musical life, it just seems natural to reflect on participation in music.

Oramics: heroines of sound

Together with ”Glissando” magazine we present a series of interviews with Polish women working with sound – artists who deal not only with music or sound art but also educational engineering and technology, collaborating with the biggest Polish festivals. The series is our way of coming up with an alternative to the deluge of "year summaries" and carving out a space for women and their voices in the discussion about the music scene and sound in general.

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